Robert H. Gates

        Bob is one of the pioneers of the wind industry, having begun the commercial wind

energy element of Zond Systems, Inc. (“Zond”) in 1981.

        Zond grew to be the largest wind energy development company in the world by the mid

1990s. In addition to site development, Zond developed wind turbine technology,

including the manufacture of the largest American made turbines of their era.

        Bob held senior executive roles at Zond, and its acquirer Enron Wind, and when GE

purchased the business he served to transition the wind activity into the GE

organization. He later served as Chief Commercial Officer for Clipper Windpower and

led the commercial side of the business, as well as serving as the commercial leader on

the Intellectual Property Council.

        Bob’s industry participation includes serving on the board of the American Wind Energy

Association , including two terms as Chairman of the Board, the Kern Wind Energy

Association, and the California Wind Energy Association.

        During Bob’s career he has participated in the financing of over $7.5 Billion worth of

wind energy installations.

Albert K. Davies

        Al joined Zond, one of the pioneers of wind energy development, in 1981 and

served as Senior Vice President of Resources and Senior Vice President of


        In 2000 Al founded Caurus Power, Inc. to handle the pre-developement activities

of the $500 million Wild Horse Wind Energy Facility near Ellensburg, Washington.

        In these capacities he has supervised land acquisitions, leases, permits, royalty

agreements, utility power purchase agreements, interconnection agreements, and

partnership agreements for over 85,000 acres and thousands of wind turbines.

        Al was a founding and managing member of Wind Stream Properties, LLC in 1981

and has served as its President since 2008. He has served as Director of the American

Wind Energy Association and four terms as Chairman of the Kern Wind Energy